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Let's Get Ready to RODEO!

Fresh yet familiar. With a mixture of all the music they grew up on, from rock, punk, metal and pop, The Nixon Rodeo has developed their own unique sound. With a song and feeling for all ages and all tastes, The Nixon Rodeo can grab any music lover’s attention. Catchy choruses, aggressive arrangements and incredible energy. 

The Nixon Rodeo is a hard rock band from Spokane, WA. Formed in May of 2010, the band strived to combine all the styles of music that brought each of the band members into music in the first place, from rock, metal, punk, pop, thrash and more. It is not possible for anyone to attend a Nixon Rodeo show and not feel the power and intensity that the band and crowd feeds off of and hear the roar of hundreds shouting ‘Rodeo, Rodeo, Rodeo’.

Live Rock Concert Band
Rock Lead Singer
Rock On
Rock Concert
Rock Drummer
Electric Guitar Solo
Electric Guitar
Rock Band
Portrait Smirk
Shy Portrait
Long Hair Portrait

Taylor Quill

Lead Singer

Kris Ward


Alex Smith


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